With Mueller Closing In, Trump Said To Be Planning “Big League Global Distraction”
Allan Ishac

please, i’m begging you: this headline appears in people’s inboxes; unless they hit the link, they read only the headline among the others in the medium daily digest. you write very well; it’s good satire. but you aren’t borowitz or the onion, who most people recognize as sources of satire. and sadly, some people don’t recognize that.

i hit the headline, so i know it is satire. i have a thousand things in my inbox right now, and a thousand things to do with my time, but the headline disturbed me so much that i hit the link. there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the time to make that extra step. they read it, and they believe.

like television before it (ooh, there’s the vietnam war, and now it’s time to play jeopardy!), the internet is a flattening medium. no one can fact check everything, and lots of people fact check nothing. i am begging you as the author of this and medium as the platform to be more careful with your weapons — humor and satire ARE our best weapons — in the future. you have great skills, a gun that is well-loaded and a sword that is brilliantly sharp. these are dangerous times; again, please use those weapons with care.

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