We Need New Pro-Life Leadership
James Landis

Thank you for being principled. I am a 65 year old woman, who has never been pregnant, so have never had to face making the difficult decision to either terminate a pregnancy because the fetus was not viable and/or the decision to carry the fetus to full term would result in pain to it, or would be life threatening to me. I have never been raped, either, so I have never had to worry that I would maybe have to carry a rapist’s potential baby to full-term. But, I have compassion for the 15 year old girl whose boyfriend or a stranger impregnated her, maybe or maybe not against her will; I have compassion for the women who desperately want a child, but the fetus dies, and she does not want to carry this dead thing for 5–6 more months. And, finally, I have compassion for the woman who is using birth control and it fails, and the woman is unable to care for a (or another) child. I am outraged that a man or group of men who will never be in a position to be pregnant feel they can impose their beliefs or values on women. Imagine if a group of women were to decide health care issues for men? I believe that laws to limit a women’s choice have little to do with the unborn and everything to do with trying to control and punish women. I wouldn’t bother to have taken the time to have responded to you, because most people who are “pro-life” I find are not as thoughtful or principled as you seem to be. And, I can’t help wondering when you write that you have been involved since the young age of 5 in the pro-life movement, if your beliefs are due to indoctrination. If you respect women — and you seem to — please get all the facts and reconsider your position. I. I suggest starting with Nicholas Kristof’s, War on Women Begins. Please tell me me what you think…

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