First Week of 34: Recap

It’s been a full week since I turned 34.

So much that I’ve realized.

I need to be better with:

  • My finances and budgeting.
  • My health and wellness.
  • Being more organized.

This whole week was a clusterf*ck of dealing with a hurricane warning, which kind of messed up my whole “I want to be better with a whole bunch of things I’ve been putting off” so today is a new week.

I worked out this morning, although it was a little later than usual, but I really wanted to sleep.

I will be more mindful about the food I decide to eat, although I won’t deprive myself from anything, because that’s just not fair!

I will work on being more organized with the tasks I want done, and do it with efficiency.

I wanted to re-boot writing here to be able to share my progress, as well as have a place to just express my thoughts. I hope to have at least 1 post every week here, and do some vlogs on my YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

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