How I’m Feeling About Social Media Lately

Over the weekend my family took a trip to Disney to celebrate my two kid’s birthdays. I posted 3 photos over the weekend, instead of the usual whole crapload I would usually post. I realized, who really cares about my trip to Disney? I decided that the photos are better off not being posted and just put into a photo book for me, my husband and my kids to look at time and time again.

I’m feeling a bit distant towards using social media lately, especially Facebook. I removed the app from my phone, as well as the Messenger app. The only Facebook app I currently have is the Groups app since I am huge on using Facebook groups.

Ever time I see that number of notifications on the app icon, I’m always rushing to see what the notifications are about, only to find out it isn’t anything I need to see — such as a post on a group, or a notification on a page I’m an admin for that doesn’t really require my attention.

I turned off notifications of any social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram. I’m debating whether or not I want to remove these. Sometimes I just waste so much time scrolling looking at things when I could be doing something else like snuggle with my kids or even read a good ol’ fashioned book to get myself away from the chaos that is my Facebook newsfeed.

We as a society are more public about our lives, not knowing really who is seeing these things. The world can be a creepy place. I’m guilty of being so open, but I feel I need to scale back a bit with sharing information about where I am, what my family is doing.

I’ve also become just so overwhelmed with information, that I want to keep things simpler. I am planning to start a new blog, so I need to focus so I can move forward and not at a standstill. I feel that social media being so accessible to me has done this to me, and I need to make a change.