Kindergarten Excitement & Nervousness

As I brought him to his kindergarten assessment this morning, I was really excited that we were going to his new school. The school he had gotten into is regarded as a top school in the county, and was he lucky to get in through lottery. So with that being said, it’s very exciting for us, and I am so thankful he is getting this opportunity.

I teared up a bit as he went in for the assessment, thinking about the fact that my first born is going to elementary school. I dreamed about the day he was going to go and it is almost here!

I thought about how he was doing while I was waiting for him, and hoping that he did the best he could.

At 2, he was doing 48 piece puzzles.

He was successfully and fully potty trained before by the time he turned 3.

He learned to write his name when he was 4.

And at 5, he can read entire books by himself.

As far as the nervousness, he will be away all day, and I just hope he will adjust to that fine. I also don’t know about communicating to make sure he is okay. I am lucky now finding out what he’s up to is just a text away. But once he starts school I don’t know if that will be the case.

All in all, I look forward to what he will learn and accomplish this school year!