Not How I Planned To Start Off 2017

This whole house has been dealing with sickness in the form of flu, cold and today I found out that I have acute bronchitis. A few days before I was freaking out because I thought it was something wrong with my heart. An ER visit later I was told my EKG and chest x-rays didn’t show any heart issues. I got some prescribed meds and rested in the afternoon.

Awake now and I just wonder to myself, being sick is not how I wanted to spend this day off before going back to work in a new year.

Kind of makes me feel a bit defeated.

If anything this experience taught me is to be more mindful about healthy eating and be more active. I spent the last few months in 2016 kind of being lazy and focusing my time on other things.

It really is about prioritizing but living healthier is probably the one thing that needs to be in the front seat of my life right now. It really isn’t just for me but my kids and husband also. It’s a non negotiable.

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