The Daily Routine of a Working Mom

It’s a new month, and to me, I feel that it’s an opportunity to start all over again. You can keep yourself accountable each day and start with day 1.

I’ve decided to create a lifestyle plan that I can stick to day in and day out. I wake up early to work out and then do at least 20 minutes of writing in the morning. Then, I get ready for the work day, since I work full time. I drop off my kids — one will be in school soon, while the other one will be with my in-laws during the day. I head off to work and do my thing.

During lunch, I can give myself the time to just be alone and enjoy my lunch in peace. Run any errands, or just relax with some reading. Then back to work to finish off the rest of the day.

Head out, and pick up the kids. Then home to make dinner. Finally, my husband is able to take over kid duty and get them ready for bed. I shower, and get ready for bed. For a bit, I spend time with my kids until it’s bedtime. Then I can do some reading or writing. Then bed.

I try to get my 7 hours of sleep. Sometimes I can. Then my alarm goes off in the morning, only to do it all over again.

Is this a typical morning routine for you working moms? I’d love to know what your routine is like!