Yes, I’m Frugal Because I Have To Be

When it comes to money, I’ve become more careful of how I spend it because like most Americans, I pay bills, debts and student loans. It totally sucks, but I am working on getting it all paid off.

I create a budget, and try to stick to it 80% of the time.

I make sure all my bills are paid and on time.

I make sure I save money in our many savings accounts for different goals.

I also don’t buy myself much things other than what we need.

Most of the time, we make meals at home, and I am okay with that. Once in a while, we will go out to eat because it’s just nice to not have to cook sometimes.

As a family, we’ve learned to do things that don’t cost much money, like go to the pool, take walks and play silly games with our kids inside the house. We go to the library a lot too. We read books. We use out Netflix account a lot.

I look for coupon codes anytime I buy online. I use Ebates for cash back, along with other apps that can save me money, especially with back to school shopping happening now.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to worry about budgeting and money so much, but in a way, it’s eye opening. I want my kids to understand that money is something you earn if you work for it, and can be gone so fast.

It’s better to enjoy the simple things, that don’t require money to enjoy it. That’s living frugal!