5 Things to do Daily to Realize Your Intention …

You want to move forward to see your visions become your reality, but you get stuck in the “I can’t” , “never”, and “it won’t work” speak.

What do you do to remain in your center, to keep a clear focus on your intention? I’m sharing with you a five things to change your thought process and shift your energy levels with daily use.

1. I keep a gratitude journal, I write in it almost daily. I start with a few things I’m feeling grateful for, I write about my meditations and the visualizations that come up for me when I meditate with intention, and any thought that wakes me up from my sleep.

2. I meditate for at least 6 minutes every day. That doesn’t seem like a long time but if you never stop and take the time, 6 minutes changes everything. Once it becomes habit, meditate as long as you like.

3. I practice DAILY positive affirmations. I go to my most inspiring reads, find what is speaking or resonating for that day and I speak it and I write it. Yes I do both, it makes a difference.

4. I focus only of what is truly now, on what I’m visioning for today and the future, and I don’t let my mind wander to the past, to worry, guilt.

5. If I wake in the night, I don’t allow my mind to go anywhere dark, but instead I ask my mind to dream, to imagine, to manifest my visions.

After remaining devoted to practicing these 5 things and staying the course, I experienced positive changes and shifts in my attitude and how I show up in life. I no longer worry, I have learned to trust in the universe and the process and to kick negative speak to the curb.

If we want to transform our lives and reach our unlimited potential, we need to be open to curiousity, to seeing opportunities, to knowing we can be and have what we dream of.

Your transformation starts with you. I offer a free 90minute discovery session to learn more of how you create your own story.


“Energy flows where attention goes…”

5 Tools to Realize Your Intentions
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