Stop Delaying Gratification …

‘Crave the inside work
Seek what’s in your way,
and get Busy Healing,
Be Willing and Open.’

Why do we avoid our inner work? Isn’t this work the journey to who we truly are, our inner voice? I have always found that although the work is challenging and leads to some significant pain, the pain is also the path to my freedom. Not to mention, avoidance is exhausting!

“When you’re in a dark place,

you sometimes think you’ve been buried.

Perhaps you’ve been planted.


Once we decide we are ready, and we make the intended choice to do the real work, to delve deep and endure the sharpest pains, we are in the midst of our finest life lessons. We are healing. And how long have these struggles kept us from being ourself and from knowing joy? How long have these pains kept us from reaching where we have longed to arrive?

In order to commit to your journey of self awareness, you need to commit to Personal Mastery. The only way to connect with others is to connect with you.

Perhaps the best way to begin is to start your journey of coming home to yourself every day or almost every day. Create time to be present with yourself, in your surroundings and allow yourself to stay completely aware. Begin with reading something inspiring for you, write for a few minutes in your journal, count and write about things you are grateful for and change these up each time. Sit quietly or walk in nature and notice every detail of your walk.

This is my personal mindfulness practice. Some days I add reiki, some days I meditate. I feel it’s important thought, that we realize that practicing mindfulness can be done by simple staying present and aware. If you aren’t ready for mediation or journaling, then you simply aren’t ready. And I know from coaching so many people, that these practices are unique for each of us, yet create the same outcome. Start where you are!

Want to learn more about mindfulness, want to share your experience with me? Email Susan at I’d love to listen to how you create this time and space for yourself.