Don’t ask me about visiting Iceland.
Hunter S.

Well I have to say although I get your sentiment, its kind of a shitty attitude. At least you admitted it. For that I commend you. So sorry you feel this is such a burden for you, to give friends the low down before they come. Try living in Florida. People not only ask you where to go but how to relocate here to live. Talk about a time suck. Plus everything here is $125 a pop..Bush Gardens, Disney for admissions alone. At least your stuff is free and there is only one major road that takes you around the entire country. How moronic can you be? Each municipality in my area is the population of Iceland as a whole. But I dont take offense to the 101 questions because I like to be helpful.

If this is the gerenal consensus, Then I am ashamed for coercing my facebook friends I have made throught the years, from Iceland, to coming with me on those excursions. They seemed to enjoy themselves and actually saw things they had never seen before. Next time I wont be a socail chatty American and do my own thing.

Finally, I would think the new bathrooms near all the “preserves” make for less shit on the moss. But then again who knows. When you have to shit you have to shit.

Final final note…you have a terrific look. Next time Im in town maybe you can let me photograph you for a secret location.