Hi Susan! When we bought the property twenty years ago, there was a definite deer trail.
Gail Boenning

I live in a small town outside St. Louis, mostly out in the sticks. I ran service calls for a store for years and there was a lot of time spent driving out through the country. I got so I could find old homesteads pretty well. You gotta do something with your mind out there. Flowers are a giveaway. At one time, here in IL, there was a house on every 100 acres. Most are gone. What you have to look out for is that the wells remain and some have been backfilled but some are just covered with rotting wood. Another dead giveaway is a driveway to nowhere that has a culvert but nothing else. The highway departments and street departments had an eternal contract when they got their easements to maintain those culverts so they just are still replacing them without asking any questions.

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