President Trump Is Winning
Michael Slaby

I think Trump has done more to help the Democratic Party than we’ve done to help ourselves in a long, long time. He scared ’em. That’s good.

The progressives want help when they want it, but God forbid that they should offer much. I voted for Bernie in the primary. I supported him for a time, but the whole trainwreck that was his campaign when it came to dealing with the DNC should fall squarely on his shoulders for having too big of an ego to actually join the party and help select the people who would become delegates in 2016. After he chose not to help select them, he decided he would use a campaign manager who didn’t like them. Then it got ugly for real.

There’s a section the Black Lives Matter movement that is for neo-segregation. If those who are part of that section of it couldn’t have a black candidate, they decided to stay home and not vote. It’s based on a feeling that we’re not all part of the same society. It comes out that we are. We’re stuck with each other and it’s a good thing.

The Republicans knew that Hillary would be the candidate after President Obama left. They had eight years to smear the lady. They used it to an advantage. We were left with a NeverHillary crowd of left leaning people who voted for either Bernie or Jill Stein, or who defected entirely to vote for Trump. We have our own boatload of low information people.

We left out workers. We have pretended that those overseas trade agreements help workers somewhere else. They don’t. They are based on trashing human rights most places that we have them. Now if we switch back to buying local things, it’s going to be painful. I can deal. I don’t need $5 shirts and $1.75 milk.

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