On Muslim American wokeness
SF Ali

I’m Catholic. I grew up in the church and went to a Catholic school in a time where the church overtly preached that non-Catholics all went to hell. That’s pretty close to what my Islamic counterparts believe about their religion now. It was a time of Irish bombings and such and part of me saw the reasoning behind them. It was as close as I’ve come in my life to accepting religious hate. It was religious revenge and it never even came close to being a fair revenge. A fair revenge would have wiped a couple of million English Protestants off the face of the earth and destabilized their government. Yet, there’s no commandment in my religion that says, “Thou shalt not kill, except…”

Even today in my religion, there is a tail of Medievalism. There are still those who try to arrange their children’s marriages. When child advocates cite laws against child marriage, ours are the two religions mentioned by name every time. That’s not alright. Kids should grow up and marry a person they love. Besides that, my church has a long, sad history of forcing women to have way too many children and not giving any weight to the rights of those children or the responsibility of the parents to raise them well outside of raising them in the religion. Yours does, too. Overpopulation not only leads to environmental damage to the planet, it leads to wars over livable territory. It leads to famine and death.

I’m not quite as good as you are with the little threads of the medieval in our societies. I think that they’re well gone when they’re gone. That means that I’m not so good with those who are promoting themselves as true believers and who would bring those things back or keep them in the name of religion are people I’d like to see change. Writing is one tool I use for that. The tool that those who would like to keep medieval values use for it is having 11 kids and raising them in some fundamentalist way or some fundamentalist religion that sprinkles their childhood with plenty of hate for others.

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