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News sites of all stripes need to ignore “trending on Twitter.” That might have been a reason to look at something and possibly give it airtime 5 years ago, but now it isn’t. That people in war zones can use it to get information out of places that reporters can’t get into is the only reason for legitimate reporters to even look at it.

“The last 12 months have been dominated by talk of Russia and its involvement in trying to tip the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Traces of Russia were found everywhere — from the contents of the Democratic National Committee’s email hacks, which served to amplify gossip about the Democratic Party’s dislike of Sen. Barry Sanders, to the now-resolved concerns that Russian hackers breached voting machines in several districts to ensure Trump’s victory.”

Of course. Do you even think for a moment that even though Sanders never joined the party, yet tried to use it, he liked or respected the people in charge of it? No?

The allegations against Trump speak for themselves. We’ve all known people who had no idea what ethics even were. Those are the people who think that anything that helps them is good and anything that doesn’t is bad. That’s Trump.

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