i hear that was a big complaint with the ACA? you have to sign up before you know the costs.
Terri Magee Henderson

No, there’s a part in there where you can look at options before you buy it. I chose not to buy it because the combined deductible and premiums was more than half of my income.

One thing, though. DON’T give them your phone number. They called me as many as 15 times in one day and from spoofed phone numbers. I finally yelled at a guy who then said, “I’m not only going to call again and again, I’m going to sell your information to others.” I called back and talked to a supervisor, but the guy apparently followed through on it. I have an FCC case open over it for identity theft. I get calls all the time. One was from a person who said she was selling “insurance” in every sentence. It comes up that what they sell costs $150 a month/person and there’s a maximum of $40 a month that you can use it for. The least they could make was $110 a person a month. Of course, this wasn’t the ACA, but there are still serious scams out there and no one throwing these frauds in jail.

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