Why Good Friday?

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You ask me, “Why Good Friday?”

I take your small young hand

and look sadly into your eyes

of innocence and wonder…

I begin to tell the story of Jesus

and the cross and death, but

don’t forget the resurrection

and the reason He died for us.

Explanations to such a little one

of five years, but aware of her

need to know, I speak words

understood by her innocence.

She knows not violence, hatred.

How it did flourish in Jesus’ time.

And that it grows ever stronger

throughout our world, today.

After teaching this innocent

of these words, her eyes ,now

less bright, change to sadness.

“Try to understand,” I plead.

“But…How can BAD be GOOD?”

my little one asks while trembling.

The violence, hatred is sin and bad,

but Jesus’ life sacrificed is good.

“Whose life?” she asks me,

With wonder in her eyes, I say,

“Jesus died for you and me

and for all the world that sins.”

We talk about His death and

His return to life, resurrection

after three days as a gift for us;

He defeating sin for everyone.

I think she understands, but

know that other questions will

follow as she grows and leaves

her young innocence behind.

I pray as eyes close listening.

Lord God, help each one who

doesn’t know Jesus to learn

of the cross…bad and good.

She loses some innocence, today.

I lose my sense of innocence, too.

knowing each must come to know

why Jesus died, why He arose…

“For God so loved the world

that He gave His son that

whoever believes on Him

shall have eternal life.”

(John 3:16 ESV)

Author note: For Holy week…Do you know Him?

© Susan Langer

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