The Emotional Burden of Debt
Jane Hwangbo

I am glad you were able to pay off your debt, along with other commenters here. But apparently you managed to get a job that pays better than working class wages. Hard to do with a college degree, almost impossible without.

Much of this nation is not suffering from student loan debt — we are suffering from too many years of horrendously low wages. My husband and I live in rural Appalachia, and I even though I have a college degree I have been making working class wages for 15 years. We've been unemployed, under-employed, part-time employed. Every time each of us is not full-time employed we run up credit cards. With luxuries like food, shampoo and toilet paper. Even when we were both employed with “good” full-time jobs — a whole $12/hr — we barely made any progress on debt because that wonderful pay really just covered basic bills…nothing extra. I’m telling you that for people like us, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay off our debt with the low wages this nation has. My credit cards cost me $600 a year in interest alone.

Every time I read a column like this, I want to reach out and slap the writer. I don’t think they have any idea of just how poor most of this nation is now. Certainly if you are a college graduate you should not have had to struggle that hard to pay off your bills. The solution this country needs is to get wages up, regardless of the kind of work done. the money cannot keep staying at the top.

I am not writing for pity, I have family that can help so we won’t be homeless or starve. But this is not what I was hoping for at age 53. I understand the anger of Trump supporters although their choice was a stupid one. I hope maybe you understand the plight of at least 60% of this nation now.

Rant over.