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Every playwright knows that it is dialogue which offers insight into the character. This is not an isolated moment. Everyone who knows him, who speaks to him, knows his fixation on women is not normal.

But, what he says here is no mere ’banter’ as men around the nation are saying. He describes what he does to women. The truth, the women he insulted and assaulted will be hidden for a while, truth has afunny way of finding it sway inot the light.

As for Bryce, this comment shows how innaprorpriate she is to be an editor. Everybody sins? No, dear, they don’t. Only ignorant people say such things, which makes one wonder about how much thinking you do, and what kind of ‘progress.’ there is here.

In fact, I am unsubscribing from THINK PROGRESS, becasue I am not a fan of false equivilancies or ‘balanicn trught with horse-manure.