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Everyone knows who he is KellyAnne.

And everyone knows there is something very WRONG WITH THIS MAN.


I am playwright, you see, and as a dramaturge I can tell you what all screen writers — scene-writers — and playwrights know — — DIALOGUE is the baggage of the play! Watch what they DO!

ACTIONS speak louder than words, even though dialogue gives us telling details, in the mouths of scoundrels, “Believe Me!”

As an actress, Meryl knows this. and thus, she described it perfectly!, When she is in a scene in which she is presenting “character” not just a character, — there is no one standing on the stage and telling YOU who she is.

Unlike novels, plays (and real life) HAVE NO NARRATIVE to EXPLAIN that the person in FRONT OF YOU is a scoundrel, a charlatan “ a sad excuse for a human being; the BEHAVIOR SAYS IT ALL!!! I , too, cannot forget Trump mimicking that palsy.

I also cannot forget his behavior on that bus (not a locker room) — with a journalist who would be interviewing him — as this man who would be king, boasted about how he assaults women with impunity!

So ‘important’ is he, that he can do what he pleases! And this, was BEFORE he was elected supreme leader.

“it was just ‘locker room’ talk…and as someone said today, “ Well, we all know Trump likes women.” Entertainment journalism presented an altered view of this realitywhere a serial abuser confessed.

Imagine…>>> An actor, g rabbing a woman’s genitals, on the screen! This, would allow OBSERVABLE REALITY to define the behavior, but our news media got that job…. media owned by the oligarchs.


Observable reality is a term I use often; Bloom used it to denote truth. We humans — once upon a time — when our survival depended on knowing real from false — recognized what was in front of our eyes. Such vision of the observable realitysaved our lives and benefited our society.

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