Eulogy for a Fairy Princess
Lisa Williams

I was so touched by your words. You painted me a picture of your beautiful Heather. I wish I had known her. When goodness and love is projected into the world, it has profound effects. It is unimaginable to think of loosing someone so young. I lost one of my best friends instantly and unexpectedly at a young age. He was also one of those people that while not fairylike, he changed everyone he came in contact with. His paintbrush was laughter. It has been over 5 years since he moved on to his next adventure, but he will never be forgotten. Your words have etched Heather in my heart. I am sure yours in broken.. Remember her, everyday with smiles, good deeds, kind words, and share her art with the world. She was remarkable. The hardest losses are those that make no sense. I will think of Heather every time I see the hummingbirds at my lakehouse. Magical creatures that hum in with their beauty and bring joy just because they visited.

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