if you all wanna play the victim game, go ahead.
Lincoln McKee Gaffney

99 ways to beat him? Really? I guess she could have had her gender changed. Or she could have had Comey murdered so that he didn’t inappropriately go on his witch hunt. She lost because she was, as Obama said, held to a different curve, she’s a chick and even white women are jealous of other white women who they think may be smarter than they are, everywhere she turned someone was lying about a crime she had committed, the media never asked Trump even basic questions, like what’s the difference between and Shiite and Sunni Muslim, and we don’t choose Presidents by Popular Vote, which meant the rednecks who fell for Trump’s promise that he could bring back factory, coal mine, etc. jobs to their towns, voted for him. Too bad Hillary was honest and recognized that Kodak, for example, is not coming back to the U.S., and the rednecks didn’t like when she said the coal miners needed to transition to clean energy jobs. So don’t blame the victim

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