Maaaaaaybe you lost because you were using the White House to make millions selling favors to the…

To the person who is blaming Hillary’s server, and Benghazi, you really need to know FACTS before you post your idiotic comments. Hillary was cleared by the FBI of doing anything illegal with her server, but all you would need to do to understand that is read something like, I don’t know, the article on that explains why she didn’t do anything illegal. Meanwhile, GWB seemed to have lost 2 MILLION emails, but hey, he’s a republican, why ask about them? And of course, the FBI director had no right to editorialize and shift the outcome just because he’s a wimpy Republican. As for Benghazi, she did not have any guilt associated with that attack, we had the Republican witch hunters once again try and try to find something she did wrong, so sad, she did everything right. Oh, but again, during GWB’s term, over TWO HUNDRED AMERICANS serving in embassies overseas were killed. Do you even know that? Of course not, you are a Republican and obviously got a little hate in you against a woman who could run rings around you both intellectually and morally. And I say that last sentence based on your post, I’m not the one who doesn’t know facts. Have a great next 4 years though, paying higher taxes, seeing worse climate change, and watching insurance premiums go up- did you not realize that they went up every year before the ACA, and at a higher rate than under the ACA? Of course you’re clueless.

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