The #MeToo hashtag has been trending on social media and bringing to light, people’s encounters with sexual harassment, irrespective of gender. And there are bound to be some self proclaimed 'geniuses’, who would be quick to demand why these people haven’t spoken out before. So let me break it down for you so called know-it-alls.

We live in a society where there’s a lot of stigma attached to sexual harassment. I bet you, you would find quite a few people cringing if you even utter the word ‘sexual’, out loud. So how do you expect these people, who cannot even hear a word involving the letters s-e-x, to come to terms with the fact that sexual harassment is happening all around them?

Now if you were to overcome all this, and get to the part where you actually talk about your trauma let’s see what happens :

If you’re a woman, you aren’t even allowed to complete your story before your outfit, posture, volume of tone in public and various aspects of your being gets taken apart and inspected. Because come on! Who would harass you unless you invite them to, right?

If you’re a man it is immediately assumed that you enjoyed it. Because how can something done to a guy, be termed as harassment? So tell me, who would want to speak about their trauma only to have the finger pointed at them?

If you want people to speak up, stop victim blaming. Stop asking a pervert to empathize with a victim by comparing them with a family member. Blood relatives or not, each and every human being is entitled to the respect they deserve. Instead of shying away from topics such as these, teach your child that it’s okay to speak up about abuse. Let them know that their story counts, their voice can be heard and that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

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