The World We’ll Leave Behind
Matthew Barad

Ah that makes sense. Yes there was or is some popular sensationalism afoot re cannibalism. A book and a series of articles focused on this small aspect of a great culture and made quite a splash a few years ago. And perhaps native americans are quite sensitive to such things. My impression is that unlike other cultures, some native cultures carry down through the generations some sense guilt or shame or other emotions for things their ancestors may have done.

Focusing on this one aspect, might be especially distasteful for them especially since as far as i can see it was not widespread every day sort of thing,and likely there would very good reasons when it did happen.

Any way…it is still a subject that incites some passion among archaeologists and anthropologists.

Thank you for responding. And your sources of course are the best sources for explaining how this focus actually effected them!

Take care.

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