It Feels Like Trump’s Presidency Has Turned a Corner
Austin Frank

It does seem unprecedented. First the left wing tried to turn electors against their oaths, after the election but before the electoral college met. They meant to overturn a lawful election. Then the recounts..which did point out some flaws in some states but again trying to make the election seem invalid.

Then promoting hysteria over lgbt rights and promoting the idea Trump is Hitler and to expect fascism. A vast disservice and dishonoring to millions who suffered and died under Hitler.

Then Russia…

I expect them to continue..emoluments being the latest attempt. After that I suspect focus will turn to his kids and Jared.

But perhaps they will come around and start talking policy. They may have put themselves in a hard spot though, inciting their base through all this. An oops..I was wrong is unlikely to appease their base. But who knows..time will tell.

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