Reaching the Dream Deep Within

“One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence, and the dream you have deep within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living.”
— Dr Wayne Dyer, Being in Balance

This. So much this. I read this today and knew it encapsulated why I dream of going to Paris. For all the external pieces I want to get in place in my life when I go to Paris this year — losing weight, having stylish clothes, gaining more confidence in my self-image — what Paris truly represents to me is that “extraordinary satisfying way of living.”

But what does that really boil down to? What would that extraordinary life really look like if I actually lived it? Would going home after work eating chips and wine and watching Game of Thrones be part of it? Perhaps, some days it would (go Daenerys!), but I imagine that most days would be filled with more “extraordinary” pursuits.

One of the reasons I’ve had a hard time directing my life towards something “extraordinary,” is that I’m not quite sure what “extraordinary” looks like at all.

The mental work to figure shit out.

At work this year we’ve taken a good hard look at our processes with the aim to really make things truly efficient and effective. More than just saying “I think we have a process for that,” we are making a concentrated effort to sit around the table and figure our shit out. It takes time, it takes focus, and more often than not, when we try to solve one problem, we end up opening a can of worms for other issues that need to be worked out.

It’s had work. We often don’t want to do it. It’s hard to dedicate the time to discuss things, really dissect what’s going on, and try to solve problems. Often we have to stop for a time and pick up again in a day or two. But it has been worth it. Beyond worth it. It alleviates a lot of tension from not knowing what to do, or how to do it, or where to capture issues that we know will continue to come up as we refine and rework.

If taking the time, energy and resources to do that in my work life reaps such benefits, why do I not make the same effort in my own life?

Investing time and energy in myself does not come easy.

At work, investing in productivity and other best practices can be easier because we do have more time, energy and resources available to us. Sometimes the changes for making things better aligned with company values comes from the top down. Sometimes it’s inspired by individuals in the ranks. But no matter who leads the charge, others are there to lend brainpower and support.

As a single woman, and a more introverted one at that, much of my free time is spent alone. That might seem like a dream to many a frazzled parent, but as with everything in life, too much of something doesn’t always make it a good thing. Life can be lonely, especially when I’m trying to do my own figuring-shit-out thing. I can’t just call all my friends into a staff meeting to brainstorm how I can live a more extraordinary life. Or can I?

Reaching out to build a dream.

Announcing on Facebook and Instagram that my sisters and I were planning on going to Paris this year resulted in a huge outpouring of support and lots of resources. People who’ve been before have helped us start planning our itinerary with all sorts of hidden gems. Another friend set me up with a French tutor for French lessons over Skype. And I’ve received lots of love in regards to following my dream of Paris as I am, whether or not I lose weight and become the fashionista of my dreams.

Through starting this process I can see that the love and support I need to not just go to Paris, but to live my other dreams is out there. I just need to reach out and believe my dream will reach back to me in return.

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Written by Susan Mowers.

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