The ugly mind

What I really wanted to say is:

I don’t care about your life and what you do. Don’t want to know what your plans are and how you have been faring. It helps me in absolutely no way to know what you’ve learnt and who you are with and for the sake of my own sanity it would be best if you never called or texted me ever again!

What I really really wanted to say was:

You’re a selfish self absorbed broken damaged human being and you have no love left in you except for yourself !

What I actually said was:

That’s wonderful! Must have been amazing, you are so lucky. Good on you… hope you have tons of fun!

Thank you for calling me, it was very sweet of you. Take care.

What I felt after was:

I need to Love myself a little more.

What I learnt from this was:

Forgiveness (for myself and other person) isn’t easy, it eats up a whole part of you and leaves you stupidly conflicted with no answers!

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