Ladies and Gentlemen, the global heart is awakening! Can you feel it? I know I can!

Gone will be the days when we feel lost, alone and confused, separate drops in the ocean of life. Heaven is here on earth! We always knew secretly, privately, deep in our hearts, that there was another way, that something wasn’t right, and it is true, there is another way, and it’s the only way left to turn once we realise the errors of our misguided beliefs and the lies shrouding the clarity of our hearts.

What lies are these? The ones you believed in that said you weren’t good enough, that you needed to change for the world, that you needed to fit in, pretend to be something you’re not, become cynical about life and leave your dreams by the wayside. That you can’t make money doing what you love. That life is hard, a struggle, and we need to worry about making ends meet. That you should be afraid and doubt yourself, or else you’ll screw it up for both yourself and others.

Trust in yourself.

Always trust. There is nothing else but that. That small voice inside that knows what’s right, that knows which way to turn, and knows where you really want to go.

No one can tell you the answers, but you are being guided every minute of every day. Start to wake up and see the clues; they are beckoning you home.

And what’s more, none of it really matters anyway. All roads lead to a Rome. And you’re already there. Rome is here, right now.

It’s been a sweet joke really, that we’ve played on ourselves. We suffer and suffer until the light peaks through at the end of the tunnel.

Joy. Peace. Happiness. Cliche but true. What you’ve been searching for all your life is already here, just waiting for you to recognise it, to recognise yourself for what you are – perfect in every way.

Have a beautiful day.