Take the Extra Help When you Can Get it, No, Seriously
Josh Rivedal

I don’t know what antidepressant you are taking, but my experience as a pharmacist has taught me that they hardly deliver on their promises. This is because the people making the drugs have virtually no idea what they are doing, and the people prescribing them may be more clueless. Depression probably has nothing to do with the neuronal part of your brain(white matter). Depression is not a chemical imbalance. Blocking dopamine reuptake is a really dangerous thing, for example, because you are messing around with a cascade that eventually tries to recalibrate and you are back to square one or worse. The grey matter in the brain is now beginning to be studied at long last. Read “The Other Brain”(R. Douglas Field from NIH). The grey matter of the brain is the secret hiding place of mental aberrations such as dementia,schizophrenia, bipolar, and probably a lot of other similar problems. This is why good sleep, excercise and good food are so important. We have starved our brains and allow them little time to recover from the assaults of daily life. I expect that you will disagree with the concept of God, not just as Creator, but as Savior and Friend in times of deepest trouble.