Helo LX and your Health

The rapid advancements in technology have opened up possibilities of transforming wrist watches and bracelets to be able to do more than just keep time and act as fashion accessories. The development of and launch of smartphone operating systems gave a big boost to the development of smart wearable devices such as watches and bracelets. One such wearable is the HELO smart watch. This smart watch is produced by Health and Lifestyle Oracle in conjunction with Toshiba. The HELO LX watch incorporates state of the art technologies that are not found on any other wearable device in the market and can be very essential in improving the life and health of users. With the HELO wristband you can monitor your blood pressure using the revolutionary Toshiba ApP lite processor. The wristband collects your data using a light sensor that illuminates the skin and measures the changes in the absorption of light. With repeated use the HELO gets to learn more about the user. HELO also monitors your heart rate. It measures the heartbeat in beats per minute. When the measurements are finished, the values are displayed on the Helo LX wearable App where you select to repeat the test or save the data in the App so that your health physician can review them later.

The HELO wearable devices can also measure your breathing in breaths per minute and notify you when the breathing levels drop below a level that is predefined. Just like in the heart rate monitor, the results are displayed on the HELO App where you can choose to store them in the App history log for a doctor to review. The more you use the HELO LX watch or the HELO LX bracelet, it learns your health behaviors and can track and report your vital signs. The HELO LX is very advanced and has the capability to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) test. HELO also has advanced sensors and an algorithm that can measure the levels of mood and fatigue. Get the Helo Compensation Plan 2018 here!

The HELO LX price starts at $319 for the Helo LX Box Set, while the Helo LX Family Pack goes for $1349 and $1999 for the Helo LX Premium Pack. The Helo compensation plan for 2017 is also a very lucrative one. Customers can get a commission of 10% of the value of what a referral spends (Fast Start). Loyalty members also get a loyalty box after a year. There are other commissions and bonuses to be won in this compensation plan. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLKR8C2E810 for more info about fitness gear.