Appian Way Group Audit Leaves us with More Questions than Answers

When I ran in this year’s election, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. The Ryerson Students’ Union had been transformed into a cesspool of controversy. What was meant to be the student voice on campus had become an organization drowning in legal woes and bad publicity as a result of firing a senior staff member on mat leave, serious questions about missing money and student refunds, bickering between executives, and a 1 million dollar deficit.

So to say that I was nervous to run in this year’s election is a huge understatement. But I knew that something had to be done. I also knew that my concerns about the RSU and how they were using students’ hard-earned money was a concern shared by some of the other 30,000 students that pay into the RSU.

The Eyeopener’s March 29th article entitled “Where in the World Is Appian Way Group” tells a story that really takes the cake. While it doesn’t say it outright, the article sheds light on some serious issues with how RSU has conducted business for the past two years. At best, this is a story about a naïve group of students making big decisions that have negatively impacted the lives of former staff members and their families and damaged the credibility of our students’ union. At worst, it looks like fraud.

I have nearly a month until I start my term as President, and this news of a potential fake company, that created a fake audit, to justify a so called ‘restructuring process’, coupled with a 1 million dollar deficit, has me very concerned.

We need some answers and we need change. Fast.

Enough of hiding behind bylaws and technicalities. We are dues paying members, and have a right to answers.

First and foremost we need to see a full copy of this ‘Auditors Report.’

Why was Appian Way Group chosen? What credentials did they present? Who else did they interview for this job?

Was Appian Way Group created solely for the purpose of the RSU’s audit?

What relationships did former and current executive members and staff members of the RSU have with the owners of Appian Way Group?

Did Ryerson know that this was all going on?

Not only am I asking ‘Where in the World is Appian Way Group’, I’m left asking where in the world are answers from our elected representatives. We deserve and demand some accountability. I am walking into office on May 1st determined to get answers and hopeful that I will get to the bottom of this confusion.