I have always had the notion that the human animal is a self-centered creature with a penchant for megalomania and an inability to see beyond their own noses.

Always willing to tinker in his/her/other own navel, and ready to invent excuses to legitimize and explain destructive behavior and indifference to other species. But now that we may surmise our own destruction. Perhaps there is hope and signs of change?

There are actually intelligent people on earth, people who sums up the seriousness of our ravages. People who understand that humans are not the only species on earth with existence rights. That it may actually be disastrous to eradicate other because you need more space, more resources, more of everything. Just because you can.

Alternative solutions are needed. Of course there is a long way. Especially if one never gets started. Apocalyptic prophecies and moralizing however, never inspired motivation… The time is now… 3–2–1 .. start( and never look back)! …

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