Pain: Up Close and Personal
Lissanthea Taylor

I strangely had the same. Mine began with a generally parenthesise down the leg, numbe toes and mild irriataion for a few months. I sat up very suddenly in bed one night and bingo, next morning I couldn’t put my knickers on! The pain sounds very similar to yours. I too tried acupuncture, which may have helped, but was a bit too much hot/cold, wet/dry for me. I did have 2 sessions of osteopathic and massage treatment, again, this may have helped. Once the initial onset had subsided a little, I began gentle movement in the style of Hannah and I walked, a little bit more every day. I did use a tens machine, which I think did work. Gradually, using my understanding of pain, it is better. That was over a year ago now, so yes it’s great. Back to my form of exercise, tennis, walking etc. I still have a sensation of numbness in my toes, but it is just that, a sensation, pin prick test etc shows a fully working nervous system. I do feel, despite how horrible it was, it has given me a greater understanding of pain and I am better able to put myself in my clients shoes. I think sometimes, I really do know where they are coming from. Not that I would recommend having considerable pain to gain understanding of your clients. There must be an easier way!

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