The Worst Part of the Trump Tapes
Alaura Weaver

This article brought back a horrible, embarrassing memory for me. I was 12, just starting to blossom, and was dressed in short shorts and a cute shirt, up at the local ball field. My older sister was there (she was 21) with lots of friends. One of them, a real sleaze ball, started to sweet talk me in front of everybody. I was horribly embarrassed as he sidled up to me and put an arm around my shoulder. Eventually he asked for a kiss. The other guys were joking about my being jail bait, that kind of thing. (Looking back on it, I wonder: was there at least one person there who felt as uncomfortable as I did about what was going on, and who wanted to say something, but felt the peer pressure not to??) I gave him a quick peck on the lips, but then he urged me to slow down… Good God, I swear I can’t even remember what I did next, if I even let him kiss me longer. I might have. At home later, my sister was telling my mother what happened, and they both were chuckling. I remember feeling so awkward and angry. Why had my sister not put a stop to it?? Why was my mother chuckling along with her? And I also felt deep shame at myself, for the feelings of pride I felt at being pretty, for wanting to show off my figure in that outfit.

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