“Don’t Join Me, Won’t You?”
Marianne Curan

Absolutely spot-on and brilliant, Marianne Curan! You and I are clearly sisters from different mothers.

I was the kid who took her toys home when others wouldn’t play my games my way. I was usually NOT the first one picked for any team . . . wonder why. My mom was very social and craved being part of groups, but I (as an adopted child) was wired totally differently, and pretty much just wanted to be on my own.

I never actually wanted kids, but society’s rules ruled. Get married. Check. Work a year or two. Check. Buy a house. Check. Get pregnant. Check.


Yes, I loved/love my daughters, but kids were alien beings to me. I had never been a particularly good babysitter either, although I did no harm and actually watched over the kids in my care.

You will not necessarily have a lonely older age; I am absolutely fine with being on my own (two small dogs, however) and a few friends I see regularly. And yes. Silver Sneakers did call on me, but again . . . I still like doing things my way on my time.

What a true hoot your post is! Sharing!

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