Trump Asks Merkel, “Where Can A Man Get A Good Schnitzel In This Town?”
Allan Ishac

Allan Ishac, where to start. First, I thought I saw this post two or three days ago in my iPhone app, but when I went to look for it . . . couldn’t find it anywhere! I thought I was losing it. Did you or Medium pull it back for some reason?

Second, good for you (expected, of course) to know that Drmpf, among other things, is not a gourmet, but rather is a gourmand. Let’s face it: there’s nothing refined or high quality about our Cheddar Head.

Third, thanks, Harper Thorpe, for another delightful ditty! I’m sure glad I found you guys here, and given the comments I see on your posts, I know I’m not alone in that!

Fourth, I’m not surprised to know that the elder Drmpfs “ . . . harbored sympathies for the Nazi Party in the 1930s and ’40s . . .” Apples and trees, right?

Fifth, is it me or is Medium changing, and perhaps not for the better? I am not getting notifications each time some of those I follow post, and when I log on to Medium, I don’t see the posts of those I follow immediately either. To find this one that I knew you posted, Allan, I had to type your name into the search box, doing that because the post had popped up on my iPhone. But when I logged on to Medium, I didn’t see it or you mentioned. Didn’t see Harper’s either.

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