Human + Being Chapter 2:

Oneness and Duality

All these situations require urgent change, but using the same old ways of reasoning that created the situations in the first place won’t lead to their solutions.
Photo courtesy of Joel Felipe

Wisdom arises when we use both halves of the brain to access the whole of our conscious mind. The fully integrated mind gives us access to the full awareness, knowledge and perspective of our expanded consciousness — the totality of the being we are, which includes the human expression called me.

Most of us don’t perceive ourselves as infinite, because we’re not trained to access our right-brain perceptions. Only in near-death experiences does the human intellect let go of its grip on our consciousness or awareness long enough for the human to perceive its being nature — the context in which the human life takes place.

If we are to continue to evolve as a species, we need to get past our left brain’s obsession with categorizing information and then believing that its invented categories exist in nature. We need to move beyond the limited understanding of the world based solely on our physical senses by learning how to access the much broader information available to the right brain.

Until now, accessing the perception of oneness has been left to mystical spirituality. In spirituality, energy is called spirit and the being aspect of ourselves is called by various names — soul, Self, God, Allah, Source, I Am, All-That-Is.

Mysticism uses meditation, sound, movement or other techniques to train the left brain to be still, focusing our attention — our conscious awareness — on the right brain. Then, if you can achieve the stillness, you simply wait. Or you ask questions, and then wait.

Wait for what? For something to emerge from the stillness — a new understanding, perception, information, answers.

Most people haven’t got the time, patience or passion for seeking and sitting in stillness, waiting. Simply being.

The left brain is a doer. Being feels useless and frightening to it. The human mind believes that nothing will happen unless it does something. “Nothing comes of nothing,” right? That’s the left brain’s perception. It believes it has to create solutions to every need and perceived problem.

As long as we are unaware of our right-brain, being-mind perceptions of reality, we identify with the left-brain, linear, reasoning, human-mind perspective. We believe we are the identity or ego created by the left brain to function in human society and survive physical life.

What we identify with, we become. We live up to — or down to — the identity that we believe defines us. Our thoughts and beliefs — both conscious or subconscious — are energy that attracts similar frequencies. Simply put, what we believe to be true and expect to be true becomes our truth.

For a very long time, the left-brain human mind has been busy defining and inventing our lives, and we are living with the results. Some of those inventions have been beneficial to human beings and the planet. Others, not so much.

That’s because while the left brain is excellent at organizing information, comparing data and projecting results, it’s not the source of inspiration. It’s not where new ideas come from. And it certainly doesn’t see the big picture, though it may think it does.

The human mind perceives itself as separate, in competition with other separate beings for survival. It perceives the edge of the body as the boundary of its life. The ego doesn’t exist beyond the body, so it believes that when the body dies, the “it” inside the body — the consciousness or awareness — dies too. This perception creates fear. It’s main concern is insuring its own survival and the survival of others it loves.

Inspiration, new ideas, creativity, and the big picture awareness of our oneness with all life are the function of the right brain. They are essential to setting direction, knowing which of many possible applications of our creativity will best serve us and all life, and which are potentially disastrous. The being mind knows that we are all in this life together, and we can’t create true health, happiness, love, abundance, freedom and joy by trying to take any of those from someone else.

The left brain tends to be skeptical of such radical right-brain ideas, unless it can relax and listen long enough to receive the perspective, information, inspiration and counsel received through the right brain.

The human mind trusts its own experiences. Therefore, when it experiences the infinite peace and connection received through the being mind…when it sees itself and life from the perspective of infinity and eternity…it can use that information to re-evaluate its own beliefs and ways of thinking.

In comparatively recent human history, the left-brain intellect has been privileged over the right-brain ability to perceive existence beyond the physical senses. We’ve been taught how to use and expand our left-brain capacities to analyze, reason, organize, memorize and use data.

We haven’t been taught how to attune to, listen, receive and use information and perceptions received by our right brains. We come into life equipped with infinite capacities, and proceed to ignore, fear or ridicule half of them.

Thus we, as a species, find ourselves in a bit of a mess. Our human societies are plagued by violence. We’ve almost outstripped the planet’s ability to support physical life with enough food and water. We need more energy than ever, but we’re still burning solids, liquids and gas fuels to get it, and fighting each other and fracturing the earth to get those fuels.

All these situations require urgent change, but using the same old ways of reasoning that created the situations in the first place won’t lead to their solutions.

To create real change, we need to start by changing who we believe we are. We need to discover our right-brain capacities and integrate them with our left-brain processes. As fully integrated human-beings, we can use our whole brain to envision the results we want, then discover the steps to arrive at those end-points.

To supply the physical needs of all life forms and clean up the planet requires not just science and technology, nor simply returning to an earlier, more natural way of doing things. It requires inspired science and technology, combined and in harmony with nature.

The time has come to put away childish ways of thinking and doing, and mature into the complete human + beings that we really are, with all the capacities needed to transform life on this planet into what it was designed to be.

We are designed to draw on our expanded awareness and use that information to create with both sides of our brain, both aspects of our mind. Our survival — and that of every species upon this planet — demands that we live beyond the duality perceived by our left-brain identities.

Instead of believing that we are separate, we need to know that we are one. Instead of dividing physical from non-physical, intellectual from intuitive knowing, we need to realize that we are all that. As all that, we can discover the way forward into more wholistic, healthy, joyful living for all.

Human + Being is a work in progress by Susan Rensberger. Susan helps people access their full power as creators, innovators, and change-makers capable of solving humanity’s self-created problems. You can read her blog or contact her at