Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

Hillary lost in part because she paid little attention to the swing states in middle America. She also panders to the uber wealthy of which she is one. There were plenty of opportunities for Hillary to take actions that would be focused on issues instead she decided to run on the I’m Not Him campaign. Hillary was wildly unpopular yet the DNC shoved her down our throats. Now we see this FACT coming out in the lawsuit against the DNC today. You all want to blame EVERYTHING but Hillary. Do you realize that Bernie Sanders was wildly popular in California. Drawing huge crowds and in the Presidential election she won by a very wide margin. Yet you all still want to say it’s the Bernie Sanders supporters fault. Ridiculous. You want to make is about misogyny (which is ALWAYS present) only -which is another blame game. All that being said the larger issue at hand is she, along with most of the old guard Democrats are the Neoliberals which helped pave the way for the full corporate takeover of our government — and ushered in the likes of Trump. You CAN NOT take money from Wall Street and Big Money and not beholden to them. You CAN NOT travel all over the world like Hillary did promoting fracking and claim to be concerned about Climate Change. You can not approve pipeline after pipeline like Obama did and claim the same. Then we have biased media and their role : CNN and MSNBC are nothing but shills for the Neolibs as much as Fox is for the Neocons. We see this in the policies which have all but destroyed the Democratic Party which has resembled Republicans of yesteryear. They bang the drums of War as well as any member of the GOP. It’s just that everyone has become numb to the wars “playing in the background.” What happened to the party which used diplomacy as their weapons of war? We were so busy blaming the GOP for All That Was Wrong with Obama’s presidency that we hardly noticed he authorized the constant drone strikes and bombing (aka War) in the Middle East, which is set to only get worse with a sociopath in office.

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