Susan, you definitely are using a different Facebook than I am.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. You mention many challenges in here, including business model. And indeed, you have a very different experience with the platform from me, it sounds like—but not just me, as research bears out. I have had a few meaningful exchanges on the platform; I just think it could be so much more that what it is. I rarely see bad news from anyone, and it’s been long established that many users feel pressure not to post bad news either. I wonder if you have a small circle of intimate friends only on Facebook? Many people view themselves as “private” people, including myself. So part of the issue is that users feel forced to accept “friend” requests from many folks that can peer in on their lives, and that’s just awkward. Acquaintances are not friends — they’re acquaintances. Family is family. Etc. But Facebook’s model seems to push users toward establishing one huge, digital social circle. But yes, I did say myself the party metaphor was not quite right, so I agree with you there. The bathroom wall still feels more appropriate to me — or, at least, something to think about for those of us who feel the experience is lacking.

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