Why writing is the most important skill in design.
Yazin Akkawi

Yazin, great post — but John Maeda actually does give writing skills a shout-out in his Design in Tech report (he quotes me and links to my post here). However, I honestly don’t know too many great writers who also are also expert coders and visual designers. Writing, complex psychology and investigation tend to go together; visual design and coding are closer to the production end of the spectrum. But the aforementioned groupings of skills are not set in stone, either. In this era of trying to force designers to be and do nearly everything, I would like to see more design leaders expose people to the variety of ways that designers can contribute, and let designers be who they are, do what they are best at, with the mutual understanding that *all* us need to work toward improve usability, usefulness, and desirability. For the last few years, some in the UX field seem to ditching our own principles in trying to create “the ultimate designer persona,” rather than respecting that designers are different, and valuable, in different ways.

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