I prayed

“Make me a vessel of the Divine.”

God laughed.

“That is like the rose asking me to make it a flower.”

Does the rose need my assistance to become a flower?

Which good works must it do to attain flowerhood?

All the rose can do is bloom, at its appointed hour

Unashamed to be a rose

unafraid to show her beauty.

Being only what she is.

You want to be a vessel of my love?

You are already that.

Now, bloom where you are planted

Be the variety of rose

Only you can be

In your garden, among the other flowers.

Some will show their thorns

They are as beloved

As those who perfume the world.

Stop looking outside yourself

Stop striving

The end of suffering is here

Closer than your breath

Will you give up all worlds

But this, appearing now?

Give up the search

Give up your longing

Be a rose.”

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