What are we supplying to the chain in relationships?

Relationships — true connection or agreements.

Relationships are about connection but what do we connect to in our relationships? Do we connect to what we see — the behaviours that someone is living with or the inner being within that we are all connected to? Which of these are we supplying the demand for — emotions or truth?

Behaviours come from patterns of living that we have developed from our emotions and emotional body; they are layers of beliefs and ideals that we have accepted as ‘true’ but in effect are not what is true and are agreements we have with one another. Are we adding to supply and demand for more emotional behaviour?

Truth comes from our inner-heart or our beingness untarnished by the world of ideals and beliefs and cannot be changed even if we ‘think’ we can. Truth is the relationship we have with living from our inner essence — the truth of who we are — that is beyond any ideals and beliefs.

We are in relationship or agreement with everything everywhere because we are energetic beings with physical bodies and the sensitivity to express the truth of who we are as Sons of God. We are in true relationship and connected to this truth forever but we also have the free will to choose to live without the conscious presence of this truth and therefore also have agreements with people that stem from our emotional needs and desires.

These emotional needs and desires become comfortable to us and so we fear breaking with this familiarity of the ideals and beliefs so formed mainly through our early family life. To break with family or familiarity seems impossible to comprehend as such importance is placed on family in every society. But birth family is an ideal and a lie because we are all in a human ‘family’ whilst in physical form. We are not separate because we all breathe the same air, live on the same planet and have the same blood running through the same bodies with differing expressions. We also feel everything that is happening in the world whether we acknowledge that or not it is inevitable.

Our birth family is an agreement that we are exploring because each family member usually exhibits behaviours and emotional outplays that serve to open each of us up to our own ideals and beliefs. In my own experience I can see that my birth family and then my marriage and subsequent children have offered me an opportunity to look at a range of emotional issues I have played out in behaviours, ideals and beliefs that are to be renounced and reimprinted so that the true me can be fully who I am as a Son of God equal to all.

The more that we understand about agreements and release them the more we offer ourselves the choice to come to true relationship firstly with ourselves and then with others. This brings more simplicity into our life; there is more flow and honesty and transparency develops as we come to grips with the lies that we have been telling ourselves. These are the lies that the world at large lives by and bring the chaos, suffering, abuse and fighting of wars that are world agreements supplied from our own lies that we feed into the soup of energetic irresponsibility that most live in; in comfort of the same life experiences that generations have lived without the awareness of what is truly going on. The helplessness of this situation of living with agreements contributes to the world’s worsening health conditions especially with the increase in depression as just one obvious example.

Is it no wonder that most feel defeated and depressed when we have chosen not to be aware and explore the emotions that we carry around as burdens from the agreements we have made? It is time to come back to our innate awareness of the truth and true connection in relationship that resides within our body and is always sending us messages to stop and listen to its impulses that we have not acted upon or second guessed in the past. It is time to be open to our awareness of true relationship with our body, with ourselves and with the rest of humanity that we are all the same, all one and all equal.