Seymour Hersh Owes The World An Explanation For His Seth Rich Comments
Caitlin Johnstone

Have you considered the possibility that when Hersh says he lives in the real world, he just means that he hasn’t got enough evidence to go public with the story? But let’s assume that your breathless interpretation is right. From whom might his life be in danger and why? And would investigating this matter improve relations with Russia or quite possibly make them much MORE dangerous?

Think about it, okay? Yes, there have been a lot of mysterious deaths associated with the Russian involvement in this election, most of them on Russian soil, some of them in Russian embassies or consulates on American soil. We all know Putin’s methodology and his track record. Now, if Rich leaked something to Wikileaks, who do you suppose stood to be hurt by it? His own boss? You obviously think he found something so terrible about Hillary that he wanted to make it public, but what if he found something that was even more damaging to the other side, and impetuously decided to settle the score for the leaks and forgeries that had hurt his own candidate? Hillary may have known something about Trump’s connections that she didn’t want to publicize for the same reason that LBJ didn’t publicize what he knew about Richard Nixon’s treasonous back-channel dealings with the South Vietnamese — she knew it was explosive but also knew that if she made it public it would be taken as pure partisanship. Rich might just have been idealistic enough to believe that Julian Assange really cared about “truth,” rather than with doing his paymaster’s bidding. And if it’s true that he leaked this information in late spring/early summer, then his death occurred very soon afterward. Who has first knowledge of a leak, the victim of the leak or the person on the receiving end of it? “Vlad, we have a problem, one of Hillary Clinton’s aides found out about xyz and sent us a paper trail. What should we do?” “We teach Hillary Clinton’s aides not to meddle with us, that’s what.”

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