Goodbye Sydney, London is calling!

7 years ago, I came to Australia with 2 oversized bags and an electronic dictionary to help me learn phrases beyond ‘how are you?’.

2 years ago, I stood on the shoulders of a Tech Giant (Google!). And I’ve had a very unexpected but exciting ride ever since; I’ve been fed more brain food than free food, I’ve met extraordinarily talented people, lovely colleagues and some of the best friends of my life — yourself included.

5 days ago, I started packing up, with far less things than before, but with a heavy heart and a full load of tears.

On Saturday, my daily (>3 hours!) commute between Wollongong and Sydney will come to an end.

From the 7th of March, I will transfer into a new role at Google London as a Technical Creative Specialist, in the gTech EMEA team.

It’s time to say goodbye, but not forever!

To my dearest family, brilliant friends and colleagues that I’ve grown to love and respect. To those who have given me unfailingly wise suggestions with my first TEDx Talk, to all of you who have firmly supported me.

You can always reach me via Facebook, or Linkedin.

I raise my glass, to the summer ocean and my vast #straya memories, to all of you, near and far.

I hope to see you again.

Best regards,

Susan Zhang

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