Yes! Your internal communication plan should have a social mindset.

Sep 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Stuart Butterfield, Slack CEO touched a chord when he said that connecting employees with other employees and customers empower them to “bring their whole selves to work”. Truly, that is the most significant thing that social mindset has added to the diversified realm of corporate communication.

I see each employee, myself included, as a brand ambassador for their respective organizations. And the arena of corporate communications or employer branding is all the richer for it. For one thing, empowering all of us with multiple media to communicate, has concretely helped in democratizing the communication space for an organization. Irrespective of hierarchies, we can all celebrate small wins, voice team disappointments and milestones and showcase products and workplaces in our own unique ways. Employee engagement and brand influencers all in dynamic, fun, and social space.

Encouraging employees to interact and use social media platforms makes business sense too. The nature of engagement and quantifiable outreach employees have socially, will only add more value to that of the brand’s curated social media voice. Additionally, the organically felt expressions of people as opposed to entities has a way deeper impact on external audiences without the added gauntlet of pre-testing. This also adds a dimension of first-hand information for clients, customers, and the larger audience universe.

In an era where closed door meetings and hours of discussions on presumptions have largely determined the nature and subject of creative communication content, it is refreshing to have personal and real insights being expressed, read, watched, and endorsed. As a former advertiser and all-around creative communications person, I find this much more resonating than what I create for my bread and butter! There is of course, need for frequent social media coaching or sensitive silhouettes for brand guidelines that can address and curtail any social media-born crisis, but I have never come across employees that are irresponsible on their posts on work and work place.

There are lessons from this new and exciting phenomenon that Corporate Communication experts and strategists need to take. Social media has been a game changer and optimizing it for internal and external communication calls for all of us to collectively un-learn and re-learn a lot. Let’s start by acquiring a social mindset.


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