Solo Kyanjin,Langtang Trek

Glacier as seen from Kyanjin 1

Day 1 (Ktm-Syafurbesi-Bamboo)

Money spent (Rs 1390)

Bus ticket to Syafurbesi Rs 600
Digestive Biscuits Rs 200
Banana (1/2) Rs 60
Noodle with egg Rs 130
Room Rs 100
Daal Bhaat Rs 300

The bus took off at 7 am. I was thrilled to be leaving Kathmandu and its chaotic life. I knew it was going to be a long ride so I decided to catch some z`s. When I woke up, I was already out of Kathmandu and riding besides the raging Trishuli river.

Seated beside me was an old man. He was from Kyanjin and he owns a hotel there. We talked about the devastation left by the earthquake in Langtang. Langtang was completely wiped out by a landslide and the trail was also damaged.

Seated in front of me were two guys who were going to camp at Gosainkunda. I struck a conversation with them. It turned out that they love traveling as much as I do. After 7 hours of bus ride I reached Syafrubesi at 2pm.


My destination for the day was Bamboo so I hit the trail and met a group of four travelers. We hiked all the way to Bamboo. From Syafurbesi to Pairo, the trail is covered with marijuana. Too bad I stopped smoking those.

I got a headache when we reached Bamboo. To make the matter worse, the hotel we were staying at was beside the river and my room was the nearest to the edge of river. The loud, ear piercing noise made sleeping a difficult job. I could barely sleep plus I had a very noisy neighbour next room.

(From left to right)Noodles with egg, my room beside the roaring langtang river, a view from my room

Day 2(Bamboo- Lama hotel-Langtang-Kyanjin)

Money Spent(Rs 490)

Tibetan bread Rs 60
Black Tea Rs 30
Daal Bhat for lunch Rs 400

In the morning I had Tibetan bread with black tea.Since I wanted to take time enjoying my bread, I told the four travelers that I would meet them at Lama Hotel.

I started walking after finishing my breakfast.I was enjoying my alone time. I needed it a lot to get my shit together. I decided to take a short break on the bank of the Langtang river reading one of my favourite book “Into the wild”.

I met the guys somewhere on the trail. We then trekked all the way to Kyanjin that day, gaining total elevation of 1900. That was a huge mistake.The guys and I stopped for daal bhat at Ghoda Tabela. It was the most delicious daal bhaat I have tasted on the whole trail.

The most delicious daal bhaat at Ghoda Tabela

When we reached Langtang, the atmosphere was gloomy. My heart broke witnessing the devastation left by the earthquake.It was such a terrible visual but people from Langtang are moving on and rebuilding a new Langtang.


On the trail from Langtang to Kyanjin, the fog started to move in quickly. The visibility rate dropped. It started to drizzle and it got cold. After excruciating 7 -8 hrs walk we reached Kyanjin.I nearly got AMS but I consumed 3 bowls of garlic soup. I got a headache on the second day as well.

My friend hosted me in Kyajin. He owns a hotel there so even if I wanted to pay they were not willing to take it from me.

My friend`s hotel

Day 3(Kyajin Ri-Langtang-Woodland-Lama Hotel)

Money Spent (Rs 1250)

Buckthorn juice Rs 200
Fresh Yak curd Rs 250
Noodle with egg Rs 300
Daal Bhaat Rs 300
Room Rs 200

Fearing that the view would be obscured by the cloud, we ascended Kyanjin 1 at 7am. I had a garlic clove with me to prevent AMS. I was disappointed because I could not climb Kyanjin 2 and Tserko ri. Kyajin 2 had little snow in it and I did not had crampons, sunglasses and walking stick to climb both of them.

At 11 am, after eating daal bhaat for lunch I left for Lama Hotel. On the way I stopped for a weird drink call buckthorn juice and fresh yak curd.

The trail to Kyajin is uphill most of the time but the trail from Kyajin is downhill. It put a lot of pressure on my ankles and I was totally worn out after reaching Lama Hotel. On the way I saw a foe and a pack of Langur.

I had a hard time finding a room for me because I was traveling alone. One of the hotel did give me a room but it was not a good room. I decided to take it because I was so tired but later I decided to cancel that room. The hotel owner then upgraded me to the room most of the travelers deserve.

It was cold and I was sitting near the heater in dining hall. It was surrounded by guides. I talked with them and got a lot of good informations. They even advised me not to travel solo. Little do they know that this will be my last time traveling alone.

Day 4 (Lama Hotel-Bamboo-Pairo-Syafurbesi)

Money Spent (Rs 1720)

Tibetan bread Rs 60
Tea Rs 100
Coke Rs 150
Noodles Rs 100
Porridge Rs 160
Buff Chowmein Rs 100
Buff Momo Rs 100
Hot chocolate Rs 200
Apple pancake Rs 150
Room Rs 600

I ate tibetan bread for breakfast and bid goodbye to all my guide friends. They asked me to visit them again in Thamel. 
I stopped for noodles at Pairo. I bought a coke too. God, I missed eating junk foods. The first sip of coke reminded me ofhome. I got so home sick. I started thinking of all the foods I can eat back home.
Just as I was about to leave, a foreigner started waving his hand at me. He said “Heeeey yooou!”. I said “Annapurna?”. God, after a year we met again. I met this guy during my solo Annapurna trek.We talked for a while and he showed his concern over two Taiwanese who were lost trekking. I had to bid him my goodbie again.

I started searching for a hotel with hot shower after reaching Syafurbesi. I found a hotel where i paid good money for a room but the next morning my whole body was itching. It was such a waste of my money.

Day 5 (Syafurbesi — Kathmandu)

Money Spent (Rs 700)

Bus ticket Rs 500
Taxi Fare Rs 200

I had bought ticket for deluxe bus but the bus driver was stopping each time to board more passenger. The bus left from Kyanjin at 7 am and I reached home at 7pm. I should have reached home at 3pm but the bus driver was ripping us off plus we got caught in a 4 hour long jam.

I had quit my job to work on my idea and I really needed this trip to analyze what I have done and what I was going to do. I had no job waiting for me back at home. My bank balance will get lighter but I made a lot of friends, I have a story to tell and I had one hell of an experience.

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