Indian Wedding Quotes — An Artist’s Impression

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“Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life ‘love’ gives us a fairytale.” Quotes like these are surely to sweep the guests off of their feet. These romantic set of words are chosen by the bride and the groom for their big day. The quotes must acquire an extraordinary aura about themselves as they are used to define the spirit of such august affair.

Quotes generally serve as an introductory speech complementing any event. Well it is not always necessary that it has to be an introductory speech as it can also be utilized as scriptures penned down to justify the romantic flavor of a wedding.
Indian wedding quotes are a new trend found in recent weddings. Especially the modern brides and grooms have hyped this trend by portraying such beautiful quotes whether during the pre-wedding or on the weddings.

Indian Marriage card Quotes — A Beauty in Itself

The quotes are generally found in written on the wedding invitation cards. The choice of the language is absolutely personal. However, beside Hindi, Bengali, Gurumukhi, Tamil, Kerelite scripts, English is the hot favorite. Due to multiculturalism English has been the most sought after languages even in a Hindi speaking country like India.

Some beautiful Sanskrit quotes are: ‘Dharmecha, athrecha, kamecha, mokshecha, aham evam naati charami.’ This quote is derived from the Sanskrit shlokas. Muslims choose quotes from their holy book Qurans, Christian from the Bible. Besides these religious quotes there are also other beautiful non religious quotes. Indian wedding quotes are known for their flair and romantic annotations. Quotes serve to illuminate the beauty of a wedding.

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