Logistics management? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Its widely believed that logistics management as a discipline is all about transporting goods from one place to another. You’d be rather surprised to know that transport and logistics isn’t just about pickup and delivery, it has more to do with meticulous planning of resources to optimize asset utilization, demand planning & routing

Most logistics companies in Bangalore follow the old fashioned way of taking orders from known customers through word of mouth. In an increasingly globalized era, consumers are discovering you on the internet. Startups like Instavans enable you to sign up & get pickups from all corners of the city. All you need is a smartphone with internet access.

Logistics and transportation isn’t a boring industry anymore. Armed with latest tools, truckers can see the latest status of their shipments, geographic location of the truck & estimate trip duration. If planned smartly, they can improve profitability by optimizing resources & reducing wastage

Transport and logistics companies should also adopt demand based pricing & zero inventory model where everything happens dynamically. Everything is managed by smart software that predicts demands & helps you plan in advance

Packers n movers in Bangalore can manage their schedule by clubbing multiple pickups & ensuring that their trucks are fully utilized & run on full capacity.

Intra city trucking & intracity logistics players who are keen to get short trips can scout for pickups in their preferable route to minimize fuel wastage and save costs

Instavans is rated among the best trucking companies for simplifying shipment management, optimizing transit distance, reducing fuel wastage & improve profitability

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