A Letter to my Future Successful Self

Photo by Anders Kristensen [Sushanth Shajil CCO License]

Hey Sushanth,

I know you’re probably laughing.

I’m dying to know what you’re doing right now. Is the podcast I started really going to take off? Will the Book I wrote ever get published?

If you’re making a fortune on your sold books, I envy you.

If you’re getting to interview famous people for your podcast, I despise you.

Here I am, trying hard and dying every single day, to become who you are.

And there you are, married, with two kids and the best life you’ll ever have.

Is me ranting all day and night, going to pay off?

Is it really worth it in the end, after all?

Everyday, I strive to do something productive, I strive to do something great. I hope you’re having the time of your life.

On the other hand, on a serious note, I’m really intrigued about people who are in your life right now.

Do you have the same best friend as I do right now? Do you still cry over a broken toy; Like right now?

Are the people who are important to me now, still by your side?

So many unanswered questions. So many broken answers.

I know you are reading this letter with a stupid smile. Your thoughts going “Was my writing really this bad?”

Everything you are now, Every Success you are having. I hope it’s worth it.

I hope you make it.

I hope you’ve changed the world (atleast a bit) by now. This was always your ambition. This was always your dream. I hope you’ve helped millions of lives. (Too much expectations from me, I know)

But in the end, you’re me.

I know you aren’t disappointed in the current me. I know you’re happy, that I did whatever I made happen.

Until I become you, and until you become me, so long.

Sushanth Shajil.